Bonini Bird Snacks

Fun Fruity Bird Snacks


Bonini bird snacks is a fruity and nutritious premium bird snacks brand with a variety of combinations targeted to nourish the health of birds in specific ways. That is targeted towards bird owners that can afford to provide special treats for their pets. The company needed a packaging design and brand that would set it apart from mass market competitors and the target audience is bird lovers with mid to high income that can afford premium bird food and are very dedicated in keeping their birds healthy and happy.

I incorporated bright tasty colors to resemble fruit and incorporated fun graphic illustrations to highlight the ingredients on each variation. I used a wavy 70’s pattern to give a reference to a psychedelic movement and create an energy and fun composition to the front label. I used a combination of Blanch to highlight the 70’s style but incorporated a simple sans serif to provide clear information for the user. The labels are applied to an antique copper tin to separate it from mass market options that come in boxes and bags. 


Fun, Friendly, Playful


& Quicksand


Custom Type, Branding, Packaging, Social Media


Sean Bacon &
Bradford Prarie


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