Quirk Hotel

The roaring 20's await you


Quirk hotel is a 1920s/Dada themed hotel that provides guests with an unforgettable experience that combines culture, history, and enjoyment all in one place. The hotel will cater to a target audience that appreciates luxury, entertainment, and American culture from the prohibition era. The hotel's unique concept, inspired by the golden age of the 1920s with a twist of Dada, sets it apart from other hotels and offers an experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

I incorporated art deco patterns and fun Dada inspired images to make the hotel feel luxurious and fun. The colors used resemble the 1920s era. I used a combination of DK Carambola to convey the prohibition feeling and  a simple sans serif to provide clear information for the guests and users. The theme, luxury and fun esthetic of the Hotel sets in apart from any hotel in Chicago.


Nostalgic, Fun, Timeless, Passionate


Avenir & DK Carambola


Branding, Packaging, Stationary, Social Media, Website


Sean Bacon & Bradford Prarie


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