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Kohler Water Usage App

Watch your Water Usage


Kohler needed an app to help costumers regulate their water usage for their everyday life. They needed a simple and clear way to have people navigate easily to be able to reach their environmental goal.
It is Targeted to property owners and families that want to make the world a better place by changing their habits and educating their children on water usage. The company needed an app design to make the users journey easy to navigate and check their water usage and finances regarding their water bill.

I incorporated Kholers brand identity with a minimal look and Black, charcoal and white. I added the light blue to really make it pop and visually interesting.
I incorporated fun easy to recognize illustrations to highlight each appliance in ones property. I used a combination of Libre Bodoni to and Monserrate to have a minimal yet high end feel to the app. I incorporated a simple sans serif to provide clear information for the user.


Fun, Friendly, Playful


Libre Bodoni & Montserrat


Custom Type, Packaging, Social Media


Sean Bacon & Bradford Prarie

User Personas


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