Wistful Dark Cafe

Find Beauty in Darkness


Wistful Dark Cafe embarked on a captivating journey to create a dark paradise-themed space that transcends stereotypes and invites everyone to discover the beauty within darkness. The challenge was to design a whimsical botanical haven in Los Angeles that appeals to young adults and professionals seeking new experiences while instilling a sense of sentimentality and positivity.

My approach began with a meticulous integration of floral graphic elements, utilizing a carefully curated palette of cream, magenta, and warm black as the brand colors. Through thoughtful design, I crafted a brand aesthetic that evokes a whimsical and positive sentiment, inviting visitors to follow a path of discovery within their own dark times. I implemented intricate floral designs, ensuring that every aspect of the cafe reflects the botanical wonderland. Located in Los Angeles, Wistful Dark Cafe is to attract both tourists and locals who crave unique experiences, offering a beautifully designed space that defies traditional paradises.Using type on a path, I incorporated uplifting messaging, guiding visitors through a metaphorical forest of enchantment. The result is a cafe that inspires guests to explore, embrace their inner beauty, and discover the transformative power of darkness.


Emotional, Moody, Intriguing


Adorn Roman & Lucida Grande


Custom Type, Packaging, Photography, Illustrations, Social Media


Sean Bacon & Bradford Prarie

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